At your Credit Union, we're constantly considering new ways to make our service more convenient and more responsive to the demands of everyday life. With this in mind, we have introduced a cash card which you can use any time, day or night, to withdraw money from your Credit Union account via a cash point located at your credit union office. We've called it the Ballinascreen Cash Card because quite simply it's the easiest way to access your money.

Having an Ballinascreen Cash Card means that you won't be tied to our opening hours. Of course you are still as welcome as ever to use our 'over the counter' service in the traditional manner but just think of the freedom our atm card will give you.



Having a Ballinascreen Cash Card means you can decide when to withdraw your money. It gives you the flexibility to the Credit Union cash point to withdraw up to GBP 500 daily from your Credit Union account at any time. In today's hectic world, isn't it great to be given the flexibility to suit yourself rather than try to fit in around someone else's routine. That's the beauty of the Ballinascreen Cash Card.

You're not tied to the opening hours of your Credit Union and the Ballinascreen ATM card gives you the confidence that, subject to available funds, you will have access to the money in your Credit Union account at the credit union atm 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Make sure to transfer funds from your other credit union accounts to your ATM account to have funds available to withdraw from the ATM.

The Cost
No annual fee.
No transaction charges.

How to use your Ballinascreen card
You can use your new card to withdraw up to GBP 500 per day, subject to available funds in your Credit Union account.

You will be issued with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your Ballinascreen Cash Card. You should memorise and then destroy it.

Do not write it down in any recognisable way or disclose it to anyone - not even personnel at your Credit Union.

Using the Ballinascreen Cash Card to withdraw money is easy. Simply follow these steps.

1. Insert your card into the machine where indicated.

2. A series of instructions will appear on the screen.

3. Follow these instructions which typically will be:
a. Insert Personal Identification Number
b. Indicate how much you wish to withdraw
c. Confirm the amount
d. Do you want a receipt?

4. Cash is dispensed by the ATM

5. Card ejected from the card reader

6. Receipt printed if requested

Lost or stolen cards
Should you lose your card or have it stolen you should report it immediately by calling: 028 7962 8762