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One of the purposes of a credit union is to help people save and we encourage members to save regularly, even if it is only a small amount. Please indicate how often and how much you would like to save below – this does not commit you and you can change your mind at any time.

Confirming your identity

Proving your identity is simple. In the email acknowledgment that will be sent to you shortly after you have submitted this form, we will ask you to provide details to confirm your identity and your address.


Please provide details of a beneficiary. A beneficiary is someone that would inherit your savings with the credit union in the unfortunate event of your death.


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 Credit Union deductions direct from my salary (needs co-operation from your employer)
 Borrowing from the credit union
 Saving with the credit union
 Volunteering with the credit union
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When we confirm your membership, if you are employed by one of our Payroll Deduction Partners we will establish your regular deduction. If you are not saving via payroll deduction you can set up your own standing order or request a Standing Order instruction from our office.

Please tell us how we should normally communicate with you. If you agree to receiving marketing material we will use your preferences selected. (Please Note: This does not prevent Manx Credit Union Ltd. from contacting you in any format should we need to pursue non payment of loans)


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