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Flamesavers CU Ltd
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Reg.No. 338C. Established 1993



Share withdrawal

(If you have a loan a % of loan balance must remain in your account)
(If no loan a minimum balance of £5.00 must remain in your account)

Bank details for withdrawal
Terms of service

1. The request must be made by the signatory
2. The Credit Union staff will need to be satisfied that they are communicating with the account holder. Staff may ask the account holder questions to verify identity. If staff are in any doubt, the instruction will not take place.
3. You must retain any sums in your account agreed on a loan or a minimum of £5 where no outstanding loan exists.
4. If you wish to change your nominated bank account you need to complete a new signed Transfer Authority.
5. The transfer to the bank will be made as soon as possible.
6. Please do not issue cheque’s or enter into contracts based on funds to be received until you have established receipt of funds in your bank account.

  I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions for this service. * 

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