Complaining to us
We recognise that sometimes we do not quite get things right. Here at Moneywise we are committed to ensuring we listen to your grievance and act on it promptly.

Our complaints handling procedure means:
We will acknowledge your complaint within one working day detailing who will be handling your complaint.
We aim to answer your complaint within 7 days.
Under legislation we have to provide a final response within 8 weeks of your initial complaint. Where this seems like a long time we aim to resolve all complaints in less than 8 weeks.

If you are unhappy with our decision and wish to take it further, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to look at your complaint. This is a free, independent service for resolving disputes.
While you can refer your complaint to the FOS at any time, they will need our consent to investigate complaints where:
we have not had the chance to put things right
we have not exceeded the 56-day timescale and have not yet issued our Final Response letter
If you decide to refer your complaint after we have issued our Final Response, you should do so within 6 months of the date on our Final Response letter.

To make a complaint please fill in the form below, supplying as much relevant information as you can and click to submit. We aim to answer your complaint within 7 days.

Your complaint

All information is submitted over a secure server. Personal details entered cannot be accessed by anyone other than Moneywise.