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Accessing your data
Under General Data Protection Regulations you have certain controls over the data we hold on you and in some circumstances can control how that data is used and what we do with the data.

Our privacy statement explains how we control your data and what we do with it.

Please use this form for requests for:
Data deletion
Access to view the data we hold on you
Transfer of your data to other credit union account providers

We aim to:
Acknowledge your request within one business day
Respond to your request with one calendar month

You should be aware that requests for data deletion cannot be granted if we have a legal reason to retain the data. (i.e. The data is held in, or relates to a credit agreement)

Please use the checkboxes below to tell us your data request. You should also include details of your request in the 'data comments' box below.

 Please provide a copy of all data held by Moneywise Credit Union Ltd that relates solely to myself
 Please delete data relating to me as outlined in the comment box below
 Please transfer any data Moneywise Credit Union Ltd hold on me to the credit union detailed in the comment box below